For the past nine years I’ve been working to create learning experiences that share information, insight and awareness about everything from sales techniques for Teleflora to safeguarding computer systems for SandRidge Energy where for a little over two years I’ve been working as a technical trainer helping employees understand technical systems and initiatives.

Sounds fun right?

Like a dream come true and so fascinating that the topic does not immediately cause people to glance at their cell phones or fall asleep immediately.

Wrong…by adding visual design principles, Story , personality and some instructional design theory I like to think that I have captured my audience’s attention allowing them to keep their eyes off of the latest cat meme for at least a couple of minutes and that's why good design matters.

It's also important to connect viewers through compelling stories with a clear begging, middle and end. 
So start with a story, move forward with beautiful clear design and make a difference in the world.

Want to find out more about why design matters or to have me take a look at your learning contact me.



    My approach to creating compelling learning content comes from my love of multimedia and film production


    May 2016